Are you acquainted with your main competitor's strategy? The competition module will allow you understand where you are standing against your competitors and which strategies are they implementing in their business.

Knowing them will allow you to preempt to their strategies, complement when necessary, and avoid competing where there are no growth prospects.


Monitor your competitors

Sellers and Official Stores:
you'll find global information of what is going on with your competitors. You'll be able to compare yourself simultaneously against the number of competitors you'd like and filter by subcategory. Getting to know your competitors' business model is key for making strategic positioning decisions. Here we can compare ourselves within the same period of time and within any specific subcategory. You'll be able to analyze your sales in money, units, views and conversion so as to understand where you should improve.

Analyze a competitor or an Official Store:
If you want a more detailed analysis of your competitor, you'll be able to visualize which changes they have made to each of their posts throughout history in order to succeed.
Besides, you'll be able to find out which is the core of their sales, their main category, their flagship posts, and their average ticketing. Moreover, their impact on free shipping, how their posts stand out and how much they sell by post at discount.

Analyze your competitor's ranking: in a simple way you can visualize their position in all their sales, in every subcategory, and which is its tendency in relation to previous months. This allows you to have a bigger perspective of your competitor's strategic direction.

Spot new players: You'll be able to verify that the competence radar is accurate and that you have in your competitors' chart those sellers that represent a threat or a learning opportunity. Many times, there are new players and it is very important to spot them on time.

Compare posts You'll be able to compare your own posts against those of your competitors. It is great for comparing the performance of each one and the changes in price.

Your competitors are already using Nubimetrics, what are you waiting for?