With the market module you will have information to detect flawless products and take your strategy to another level.

You’ll have a panoramic outlook on the status of your business at Mercado Libre and you will find how to increase profitability exponentially.

Did you know that within Mercado Libre there are neglected niches with insufficient demand?

Leading products:These products are looked up by several buyers and few sellers offer them (insufficient demand). They are easy to position, they have better conversion and generates high profitability.


Detect opportunities

Land in a new category: we help you detect which categories represent a business opportunity to consider. We show you very easily which categories have high growth and are not oversaturated of sellers.

What are you looking for?

You'll find the monthly most consulted words per category, their billing and how many units they sell. If a product is "searched" a lot but is not sold in large quantities it means that the "offer" is not very good and it could be improved. This represents a GREAT OPPORTUNITY.

Improve your post's positioning: in order to improve the positioning of your views and increase them exponentially it is key that posts’ titles are lined up to how buyers search.

What do you offer?

You’ll find a powerful way to analyze information about what Mercado Libre offers (all posts) according to the product of interest.

By entering a keyword you will analyze: who are the sellers that offer the product, where are these products offered from and much more information that will help you understand the quality of offers you are competing with.

What do you sell?

A global view of Mercado Libre: you’ll get to know how much sales represent in each category of Mercado Libre and which has been its monthly growth.
You’ll get to know the key trends for each category that will allow you to make strategic decisions. Is it totally saturated of professional sellers? Is the average price going up? Is the category growing or decaying? Sales are focused on a lot or a few sellers?

Analyze a category: Study the categories where you sell or you would like to land. Spot less developed categories to increase your profitability.

Who sells it?

You will get to know each top seller and official stores by category at Mercado Libre, how much they sell monthly and your positioning against others. In order to discover if your business is growing or not check sellers’ rankings and see if you have gone up or down. In other words, if you gained or lost sales from your competitors.

When is it sold?

When sales go up: you’ll be able to see the sales peaks in each category and improve your stock turnover. Perfect for those who purchase your products.

Your competitors are already using Nubimetrics, what are you waiting for?