Are you aware of your strengths and weaknesses accurately? Are you aware of what you should improve? With My Business module you’ll be able to have an internal view about your business, carry out a complete analysis and understand where you should improve and grow within Mercado Libre.


Performance analysis

Conversion Funnel: it allows you understand your performance in order to gauge how efficient you are and take advantage of the views you get. How many questions your viewers ask and how many of those views end up in sales is key for understanding where you need to improve. You’ll be able to analyze your conversion funnel of any period of time and subcategory.

Major Sales: you can analyze your major sales, that is to say, how many posts generates 80% of your sales. Thus, you can focus on your strongest billings and you’ll see which are growing on a daily basis.

Posts’ Positioning: here you’ll find the tools to follow your posts’ positioning. You’ll be able to evaluate if the changes you are making improve your positioning.

Shipping Fees: here you’ll be able to analyze a fundamental fee as it is the one for shipping by subcategory. This way, you’ll control these expenses and you’ll define a competitive price structure.

Seasonality and Growth

Seasonality: here you’ll find each Mercado Libre category seasonality. Perfect for purchasing agents!

Growth: you’ll be able to compare your growth within all the subcategories you are at Mercado Libre. If your percentage growth is higher than the one for Mercado Libre that means you are surpassing your competitors and you are gaining greater market share.

Customer's Behavior

It is key to understand your customers, and for that we offer you key information on their behavior:

Questions' Map: Where are you being asked?

Sales' Map: Where are they purchasing from?

Customer's analysis: Who are in fact your customers? Which is their purchase frequency?

Control your transactions: You'll find a complete view of each transaction. You can download your transactions in an Excel spreadsheet and keep that information if you want to cross reference it with the invoice from Mercado Libre. You can screen by different filters such as, Free Shipping, Type of Shipping, Location, SKU, EAN, etc.

Control Panel

Measuring is key to efficient management. For this, we offer focused Control Panels within different key subject areas of your business:
Views Panel - Questions Panel - Sales Panel - Daily Display

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